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As a business owner, one of the most important decisions of your business career

is the decision to sell your business.

There are many reasons why owners sell. All are individual to each owner and the

following is just a sampling of those reasons:

  • Retirement

  • Lack of Long-Term Capital

  • Burn Out

  • Other Business Interests

  • Relocation

  • Divorce

  • Health Problems

Whatever the reason, you need to plan an orderly transition to new ownership, leaving you free to implement your plans for your future. Most sellers do

not realize the steps that must be taken to ensure a successful sale.

Among the necessary steps, we present the following guidelines of what to do when it's time to sell:

  1. Prepare an Exit plan.

  2. Let Manhattan Restaurant Brokers demonstrate how important confidentiality is in the process of the sale.

  3. Let one of our partners lend their expertise in creating an opinion of fair market value before committing to an asking price.

  4. Let us guide you through the preparation to sell your business. Upon listing with us you will need to provide us with financial records, equipment list, lease agreement, etc. before placing your restaurant or business on the market.

  5. When selecting Manhattan Restaurant Brokers to be your representative for the sale of your restaurant, you can be assured that your broker/agent has the knowledge, expertise to safely and properly bring the sale of your business to a successful conclusion.


Procedures must be in place so that your business will not be harmed by premature disclosure about the sale. Manhattan Restaurant Brokers have developed non-disclosure forms, procedures and closed networks of other agents to ensure confidentiality.

We encourage you to have an estimate of value for your restaurant. Manhattan Restaurant Brokers will assist you in your pricing strategy by utilizing current market trends.

Business Profile:
A complete marketing package is created for each restaurant we list in order to have a comprehensive

business profile ready to present to a prospective buyer. The presentation package includes the facts about

your restaurant while still keeping the information truthful and in proper perspective.

There are many avenues available for the marketing of your restaurant to prospective buyers.

Manhattan Restaurant Brokers utilize a full range of advertising venues to ensure maximize exposure

which will include

all of the following:

  • Listing Exchanges

  • Various Websites

  • News Letters

  • Trade Journal Advertising

  • Networking

We offer all of these methods, in addition to exposure to an existing, pre-screened client base that we

have developed. We also belong to local and national business associations that work together in

creating additional networking about your business sale. We make sure that every member receives

information about theavailability of your restaurant or business in the event they have a client who would

be well suited to purchase your business.

Government Agencies:
Manhattan Restaurant Brokers is here to assist in the transfer of applicable licenses to

the buyer of your business. Working with these agencies on a regular basis, our

knowledge will ensure swift and hassle-free transactions.

We will provide you and the prospective buyer and their agents, if any, with professional representation throughout the preparation of the offer and the resulting negotiation to the written agreement. As your representative, we will proceed through this process in a timely manner, while continuing to preserve the integrity of your negotiating position to lock in the terms and price that is acceptable to you.

Close of Escrow: 
Once an agreement has been signed, we will be instrumental in controlling the process from the agreement to the time when you close escrow and transfer possession and responsibility of your restaurant or business. During this critical time, we ensure that deadlines are met and conditions satisfied, along with addressing any unexpected problems that may arise.

Interested in selling your business? Email us 

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