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“As an attorney who only represents restaurant and bar owners, I am always working with real estate brokers.  Rarely, however, do I come across a broker who is as knowledgeable and dedicated to the needs of restaurant owners as Andre Neyrey is.  In each instance where I’ve worked with him, he has gone so far above and beyond what should be expected of him and I cannot think of any other broker to whom I would refer a client.  He is a consummate professional and keenly aware of all aspects of the restaurant industry.“

James D. Dipasquale
Dipasquale Law Group 

I had the privilege of working with Arsen Drach and Andre Neyrey in selling my restaurant. I was always impressed with their outgoing attitude and knowledge in Real Estate. They were very patient in taking their time out to understand my business and how important it was in selling it. As other brokers gave empty promises and gave up, they never gave up and kept their promise in selling my restaurant. Overall, I am very happy that I had the pleasure working with Arsen Drach as well as Andre Neyrey and would highly recommend Manhattan Restaurant Brokers to other business owners.

Marlo G
Upper East Side Restaurant

Ours was a difficult story.  Lots of ideas, lots of plans, little money!  The 3 of us had been planning our restaurant/bar project for nearly a year when we came upon a listing for a place for sale at 20th and Belmont in.  We responded to the listing, met Andre and saw the space and found our home.  From then on Andre took very good care of us.

This being our first restaurant endeavor, we asked so many questions, and requested numerous opportunities to get back inside the space to take measurements, pictures, etc... He was extremely patient with us, never said NO to any of our requests, and pretty much held our hand through the entire process.  At times the transaction between the buyers and the sellers was so friendly it seemed a bit surreal - Andre just had a way of bringing folks to the table, answered questions, cleared the road blocks and kept things moving forward.

We are now open at The Globe - and we would not be there without all his guidance.  We'll consider ourselves lucky if we can use Andre and his firm again for our next big endeavor!

Kevin, Marc, Paul
The Globe Bar:Cafe
2045 SE Belmont

Andre Neyrey didn't know what he was in for when he accepted my listing! I can be a somewhat difficult customer, but Andre took it all in stride. I appreciated his attitude and professionalism, but most of all, his patience. I highly valued his contacts, industry knowledge and tireless work ethic. Although the cause of the sale was unfortunate, Andre was able to work within the boundaries I had set and managed to reach an acceptable deal for all parties. 

I would recommend Andre for any purchase or sale of a restaurant or bar business and should I become insane enough to go down this road again, I will definitely utilize his services. 

John Buell
Rocks Bar & Grill

Andre Neyrey was fast, motivated and clearly knew the process each step of the way. It was refreshing to know that Andre truly worked with, and for the seller and I. It made for a very fair deal. The seller was happy and I was happy.

Demetri K
Diff Eq. LLC

I had the privilege of being referred to work with Andre Neyrey to assist in the purchase of a restaurant. After meeting Andre, I never considered working with anyone else. I knew he was the right broker to assist me with facilitating a restaurant purchase for my husband who at the time, was overseas. I was impressed with Andre and his experience. As first time restaurant buyers, we found the expertise Andre provided to us invaluable. Andre made sure to show me the businesses he felt would be ideal for our family and he did everything to ensure the closing of the sale went smoothly and on time. 
I would highly recommend his services. 

Joseph & Mary Nehr
Tiger's Cafe

I had the honor and privilege of working WITH Andre Neyrey in the matter of leasing a restaurant.

I was impressed the first time I met Andre. His extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry along with his high standard of professionalism and thoroughness to detail helped with facilitating the lease. He was there for me from the start and always available to answer questions or explain the next step in the process. 

He was very patient and too the time to understand my business vision and what I was trying to accomplish.  

I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend his services.

Ronald Clement
Wildwood Cafe & Catering

My wife and I recently purchased a restaurant with the help of Andre. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services. 

Bill Gibson
72nd Ave Pub

I chose to work with this firm after meeting with several local brokers for the sale of my restaurant and bar. 

The determining factor for my choice was Andre Neyrey, a veteran restaurateur turned restaurant broker. From our first meeting, he was real, honest, up front and responsive. While other brokers were looking for a quick sale, Andre did his due diligence. He evaluated my business realistically and devised a marketing and sales plan that I believed in. Prior to listing the business, he was determined to prepare it for a strong sale. He consulted for me to help lower our overall cost and assisted with revisions in our operating method and met individually with our staff and vendors. 

Once up for sale, the business was exposed a large number of qualified and pre-approved buyers. He was again, immediately responsive and pro-active. The business sold for 50% more than any other broker had wanted to originally list it for. I watched as he walked both myself and the buyer through the tedious process of the sale, there to assist us both in anyway he could. 

I am a highly satisfied seller and would recommend Andre and his firm to anyone seeking to buy or sell their business. In an industry littered with people claiming to know what they are doing - he is the real deal.

Leo Rivera
Bishops Barbershops/Chesterfields

I enjoyed the guiding experience provided by Andre Neyrey. He helped me negotiate my acquisition of my ideal business in a timely and efficient manner. I appreciated his knowledge of the area and willingness to work for me, to find the best fit, not just a sale. Andre was also always straight-forward, honest and acted with integrity throughout the transaction, putting my mind at ease.

The first thing that made Andre stand out was his attentiveness, whereas others were unresponsive. He put me in the best possible situation - in a great place of business where I could succeed.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a restaurant.

Craig Readman
Diatribe Entertainment Group
Owner, Report Lounge

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